Our Cats


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I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures of our three cats. Chelsea is a Russian Blue. She is four years old. It amazes us just how smart she is! We only have to tell her something once and she learns it. My husband swears she's part human. Max is our Maine Coon. He is eleven years old and weighs 25 lbs!! His favorite thing is climbing in bed with me at night and going to sleep on my chest. Talk about NOT being able to breathe. He is such a gentle cat.

Kitty is our mixed breed cat. He is twelve years old. He was my mother's cat. When she died we took him in. He is very sweet, but likes his OWN space! He doesn't want the other cats or dogs bothering him. He lets us know when he wants to be loved.
We are so sorry that Kitty passed away on January 25, 2001. He was 14 years old. We will miss him so much. He was my connection to my mother, plus he was a joy to have. Goodbye sweet Kitty.
We also lost Max on June 17, 2003. He was 15 years old. Oh, this was so hard on us. Please visit their page at: :Our Rainbow Bridge: Thank you.



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