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I have received many beautiful awards and would like to now offer "eight" awards. The first award, " All Around Outstanding Achievement of Excellence Award" is for sites that go above and beyond what one would expect from a site and is the hardest award to receive. The second award, "Marie's Award of Excellence" is for overall excellence in a site. The third award, "Marie's Excellence Award for Webpage Design" is for sites that display excellent use of designing a web page. The other five awards are for specific sites that fit that theme.
"Outstanding Award"            "Award Of Excellence"             "Webpage Excellence"

The five awards listed below are for specific sites. The "Elegance Award" is for sites that are elegant to view and awe inspiring. The "Spiritual Award" is for sites that deal with anything that has to do with spirituality. The "Family Award" is for sites that are devoted to your family, or about your family. The "Love & Kindness Award" is for sites that are devoted to animals or children, or made by children. The "Angelic Award" is for sites that deal with Angels or Fairies, or have a page devoted to them. All four of these awards are for "Excellence" in each category. I wanted to have these awards for those sites, as I feel they are deserving of an award that deals specifically with their web pages.
"Elegance On The Web""Spiritual Excellence"

"Family Excellence"               "Love & Kindness Excellence"       "Angelic Site Excellence"

These awards will be based on my own opinion of the pages. I am NOT saying I'm an excellent judge of web pages but it will be what I really like and what catches my eye. You can try for any of these awards that you feel fit your site. All I ask is that you at least visit my site and don't just come here to apply for an award. All awards I have received, I have first looked through the pages of the person offering the award to see what they had done and what they had also won. I would appreciate it if you took the time to sign my Guestbook :-)
Now on to what I'm looking for and NOT looking for.

If you feel your web pages meet the requirements stated above please proceed to the form below.
Please fill out this form to apply for one of the awards offered, this will be submitted to me through email.
After submit, you'll be redirected to the main page. Thanks and Good Luck!

Please Note: You MUST choose an award from the pull down menu and fill in all information
Which Award Are You Applying For?

Your Name:

Valid E-Mail Address:

Home Page Title:

Home Page URL:

Brief Description of your site:
Please hit ENTER when you get to the end of the box

Please Hit SUBMIT Only One Time
This Form will be sent through E-Mail

I will visit your site as soon as I can. It should be within one month. I receive a large volume of E-mail from sites applying for my awards. I visit each site and check out all the pages to make sure it meets with the criteria I set above, so please be patient and understand that I will get to your site :-) You will be receiving an E-mail from me if your site is chosen for an award. I will E-mail all instructions to you. I look forward to visiting your pages.

Please take the time to sign my GUESTBOOK!

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