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:Tutorials And FAQ'S:

Here is a list of Tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions that I've received, I hope this page will be helpful to you. Just click on the link and it will bring you to that section.

1. Bordered Background Tutorial:

Most web sites today are using bordered backgrouds. Below I'm offering a short tutorial on how to get the text correctly lined up with the bordered backgrounds. You'll also find the vspacer.gif here. You'll need to download this to have your bordered background aligned correctly, also with this, both Netscape and Interent Explorer will view the bordered background correctly. You can download it now :
Download the Just unzip this, and upload the vspacer.gif to your site. Or you can right click below on the unzipped vspacer.gif and save it to your hard drive. Then use the code below:)) Of course you'll need to change the title to yours, name your background, and put in what colors you'll be using, and the contents of your site.
For WebTV users, transload this vspacer.gif. This is in the unzipped format. Others not wanting to download the zipped format of the .gif may save the above vpspacer.gif to your hard drive.

<TITLE> Title Of Your Page </TITLE>
<bgcolor="#333333" text="#FFFFFF" link="#000000" vlink="#FFFFCC" alink="#005500" background="nameofyourbackground.jpg">
<tr><td valign=left align=top><img src="vspacer.gif" border=0 height=1 width=125></td><td valign=left align=top width=100%>



Notice the width attribute, above it states width=125. This has to be adjusted according to the width of the bordered background you are using. If the border is wide, you might have to adjust the width to 130 to 140. Just play around with these numbers on the width and you'll have your text aligned up correctly each time!

2. Blue Border Around Images:

When you put an image up, do you have that pesky blue border around it? Well here's how to get rid of it! When you write the code for your image always added border=0 then close out the tag. That's all there is to it :-)

3. Putting Text On My Blank Buttons:

<table width=166 height=60 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0> <tr> <td background=goldbutton.gif valign=middle align=center> <font size=3 color=000000><b>Your Text Here</b></font> </td></tr></table> You MUST specify the exact height and width of the image, and you can get that by viewing it in your browser.

The other way is to go here and write it on using their program, then saving your image:
Go to Free Online Tools near center bottom of page. You want GIFWORKS and browse for .gif on your computer and hit upload. You'll be brought to another page. You'll see the image, go to edit and enter text. Choose what color you want, enter the text you need and point to where you want it on the button. It will generate it for you! If you don't like what you see, edit it again. When you have it as you like it, just save the button!

4. Add Music To Your Site:

To add music to your site whether it is a .mid or a .wav and for it to play in both IE and Netscape just copy the coding below: <center><table border=5 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width="144" height="15"> <tr> <td> <embed src="nameofmusic.mid" autostart=true "audio/midi" volume=50% height=15 width=144 bgcolor="#000000" controls=smallconsole> <bgsound src="nameofmusic.mid" loop=infinite></TD> </tr> </table></center> Make sure you put the name of the music where I have: nameofmusic.mid If it's a .wav file you would put nameofmusic.wav
If you are using a .wav you'll have to change audio/midi to audio/wav There are many places that offer midis and wavs for download. Go to Google and type in midis or wavs

5. Fonts I Use On My Backgrounds:

Most fonts I use can be found by doing a search on Google. If you can't find it there, then it's one of the fonts I've purchased. Most of my sets state what font I used in making the header and the text buttons.

6. How To Place Fonts On Your Site:

To place a specified font on your site, below is a sample code to use in your HTML document: <font size= "3" face="Book Antiqua"> Place your text on the site. At the end of your text place: </font>

Sample Fonts

You can change your fonts

Like this if you would like

Or Even Like this

Remember if you have downloaded a font from a site and you place that font in your HTML code, it may be a font others do not normally keep in their computers. In this case, your font will default back to the normal font. Others will not see your special font. However, you will be able to see it because you have it in your computer.

7. How To Copy And Paste:

This will save you a lot of typing and frustration! In order to copy and paste:

1. To highlight, place your mouse cursor to the left of the text you would like to copy. Hold down your left mouse button and drag it over the text you wish to highlight. Release your mouse button. You will see the text highlighted!
2. Click on edit. Click on Copy. Your text is now copied.
3. Move to the document or area you wish that text to be placed. Left click your mouse to place your cursor where you want it pasted.
4. Click on edit. Click on Paste.
You have now moved the text without typing everything all over again. This will save you a lot of time!

8. Can't Download The Zip File:

If you can't download the zip file for the background set just right click anywhere on the background and choose "save as". Save to a folder on your hard drive. For each graphic that goes with the set, right click on it and do the above.

9. When All Else Fails:
If you are still having problems setting up any of my backgrounds just view the page source and see how I set it up and go from there to add your text and images. You will also see what colors to use on the set for the background color, text, link, vlink, and alink.

10. WebTV Users And Saving Graphics:

If you don't know how to upload to your server go here and check it out. This program will allow you to save the graphic and/or graphics to your own server. Click on the below link.
Web TV Users

Here is another site for WebTV users to check out. This site has a lot of information on saving graphics. Click on the below link.
Web Tools

11. AOL Users And Saving Graphics:

If you're using AOL, you need to turn off "Graphics Compression" in your browser before viewing or downloading any graphic/graphics. This will save you a lot of aggravation :-) Without this option, the images will be saved in an AOL format and will give you broken images when people visit your site using Netscape or MSIE. You can also visit the link below which has information on saving graphics when you use AOL.
Saving Graphics with AOL


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