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The Screen Savers below are FREE for you to use on your own computer! Just download the zip, unzip it with a program like Winzip, extract to a folder on your hard drive. You will find the .EXE in there with a ReadMeFirst.txt., make sure you read that first. To install the Screen Saver, double click on the .exe and it will automatically install into your C:/Program Files--Name Of Screen Saver. These Screen Savers work on Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista, 2000 and NT. They all include 8 to 12 floating images with different effects and music that fits the theme of the Screen Saver. When installed, it will automatically become your default Screen Saver; it will be put in Start/Programs. There will also be an icon on your Desktop with the name of the Screen Saver. It will start in Muted mode. To hear the the music, just right click on the icon on your Desktop, choose Configure and press the Muted button and the music will start, alternately to stop the music, just do the reverse. You can also do this in your Control Panel under Display. If you ever want to remove it, you can go to either your Start/Programs to the name of it and click the Uninstall or you can remove it in your Control Panel under Add/Remove, the name of the Screen Saver will be listed. I hope you enjoy this new addition!

If you would like your own Custom Screen Saver, you can purchase it from me for $20.00. I will need to know what theme you want, or if you would like to send to me 8 images of your choice in zip format. I will also need to know if you desire music. If you do, I will need to know what your first, second, and third choices are. Also, I will need to know what color you'd like the background of the Screen Saver to be. Once purchased, I will start on your Screen Saver and will have it ready for you in two days, not including weekends or holidays. I will provide a private link to you so you can download it.
These would make FANTASTIC gifts to send for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well, or any other occasion you can think of. To Grandparents who live far away with pictures of their grandchildren or other members of your family. These are great for far away friends, or for yourself.

If you wish to purchase your own Custom Screen Saver, please go here Order Custom Screen Saver.

To download the Screen Saver of your choice PLEASE fill out the form below the screenshots. I want to keep track of the most popular downloads.
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The zips and .exe inside have been scanned with AVG Professional Anti-Virus Scanner and are Virus Free
NO DLL'S,Adware, or Spyware are installed with the Screen Savers!
Screenshots do not show the clarity of the images, these screenshots have been compressed

Angels Screen Saver Mother Screen Saver Fantasy Screen Saver
Angels Screen Saver
Wind Beneath My Wings
Mother Screen Saver
Everything I Do
*Fantasy Screen Saver*
The Best Of My Love
Christmas Screen Saver Christmas 1 Screen Saver Christmas 2 Screen Saver
Christmas Screen Saver
Let It Snow
*Christmas 1 Screen Saver*
Here Comes Santa Claus
*Christmas 2 Screen Saver*
Oh Holy Night
Florals Screen Saver Lighthouses Screen Saver Lightning Screen Saver
Florals Screen Saver
The Rose
Lighthouses Screen Saver
Moon River
Lightning Screen Saver
Music Of The Night
Mermaids Screen Saver Pre Raphaels Screen Saver Scenic Screen Saver
*Mermaids Screen Saver*
Earth Angel
Pre Raphaels Screen Saver
Saved The Best For Last
*Scenic Screen Saver*
Waltzing Matilda
Teddy Bears Screen Saver Waterfalls Screen Saver Wolves Screen Saver
Teddy Bears Screen Saver
Won't You Be My Teddy Bear
Waterfalls Screen Saver
Wolves Screen Saver
John Dunbar Theme Dances With Wolves
Children Screen Saver Fantasy 1 Screen Saver Florals 1 Screen Saver
Children Screen Saver*(NEW)
Sands Of Time
Fantasy 1 Screen Saver*(NEW)
My Favorite -:)
Florals 1 Screen Saver*(NEW)
Same Old Lang Syne
Religious Screen Saver Scenic 1 Screen Saver Wildlife Screen Saver
Religious Screen Saver*(NEW)
I Believe
Scenic 1 Screen Saver*(NEW)
Somewhere Out There
Wildlife Screen Saver*(NEW)
Gentle Spirit

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*The Sreen Savers that have a * mean that I used paintings that were used with permission by these talented artists:
Fantasy, Mermaids, Fantasy 1 Screen Savers
Josephine Wall Paintings

Christmas 1 and 2, Children, Florals 1, Religious, Scenic 1, Wildlife Screen Savers
Artwork By Penny Parker

Scenic Screen Saver
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser

Please visit their sites and see the lovely art work they have to offer for purchase. I guarantee it's worth the visit!


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