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Here you will find transparent Headers, Bars, and blank Buttons to use with your Mix 'n Match Backgrounds that you make, each zip includes the Header, Bar, and Blank Button. I've included for download the font I used on the header, it's call Brandyscript. I used it in bold; it's located near the bottom of this page. I hope this helps complete the making of the triples for everyone. Just add whatever text you might need to the blank buttons. There is one button in each zip. Just copy it and you can have as many as you need! I also have a link to a text triple here so you can see what it would look like using these. I didn't add text to the buttons. These transparent sets would also work with the Muted Seamless Sets. Please let me know if you like this addition on my Message Board :-)

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Red Download
Maroon Download
Pink Download
Purple Download
Blue Download
Navy Download
Lt.Blue Download
Teal Download
Silver Download
Gold Download
Pearl Download

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